I popped into Aid & Abet in Cambridge last week to see their new show We Object! Though short on time I quickly found myself absorbed by four works in the back gallery that seemed quite different but equally fascinating. Rushing out to catch the train I asked who the artists were in the back corner, but it was just one artist – Rebecca Lennon.

I decided to return and on second view the show was even stronger and I liked Lennon’s work even more. Firstly though be sure to acquaint yourself with the premise of the show, curated by Benedict Drew, as this will make your visit even more rewarding. When you walk in, pick up the free text piece by Phil Thompson titled “Thinking about things.” Once you’ve started to mull over the difference between a “thing” and an “object” you will find yourself looking even more closely at the works you encounter.

I loved Heather Phillipson’s video piece Zero_Point Garbage Matte. It took a little while to understand what ‘the stones in my head’ signified but getting there was fun, sometimes hilarious and quite often a bit disturbing. I particularly liked the toy ponies and giraffes. You’ll see.

Phillipson’s piece was vibrant, even down to the technicolour viewing platform. Lennon’s work by contrast seemed to be about erasing objects, things, colour, life even. The video Uncomfortable Silence i (2012)depicts an obsessive, almost OCD compulsion to spray paint random litter white. A crumpled coke can, a margarine tub with left over food spilling out, even orange peel, are all sprayed white with real determination.  Then looking away from the film to the right are five works Death & Disaster Series Pt 2 (2013) – photographs bought on ebay of single figures reclining on furniture, the figures ‘tippexed out’ with white paint and curious patterned speech bubbles.  It’s left to us the viewer to make up our own mind about what’s happening.  A blank canvas left to interpretation based on the viewer’s state of mind? Possibly.

Rebecca Lennon
Death & Disaster Series Pt 2 2012

And don’t leave before reading Lennon’s performance for mirror – Eat the Art (2013). I’ve included an image incase you don’t get to visit in time. It will make you think twice about not giving an art work the time it deserves . . . .

Rebecca Lennon  Eat The Art (Performance for Mirror) 2013

Rebecca Lennon Eat The Art (Performance for Mirror) 2013

We Object! Curated by Benedict Drew at Aid & Abet, Cambridge to Saturday 13 April 2013

Rebecca Lennon  Price Range £   The artist is represented by Ceri Hand



I blog on collecting contemporary art and the art market. I’ve started Radar as a collector, sharing my views on artists whose works I see and like. The majority of artists are new or emerging and in the £100-£20,000 range.  £  £10-£5,000; ££  up to £10,000  £££  up to £15,000; ££££  up to £20,000

2 thoughts on “Radar: Rebecca Lennon

  1. You’d like Dave Evans pieces currently at the Cambridge Art Salon – Part of the ’11’ exhibition. CAS is a 15 min walk off Mill Road from The station…on Cromwell Road

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